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5306 Middle Fiskville Rd.

Austin, Tx., 78751

Phone: 512-933-9000

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Zincing Main CablesCABLES & FITTINGS
Carefully cleaning and applying a new Zinc coating to the cable system. OR installing a complete new cable system.
Changing Out Main Cable Fittings -- 800 ft.CABLE TENSIONING
The structural integrity of a cable suspension bridge relies heavily on a properly balanced cable system.  SEFBO has the equipment and skilled personnel to keep your cable system balanced and tensioned.
Tightening Lock Nuts After Adjusting Load on Suspender SystemSTRUCTURAL REPAIRS
Replacing bolts, building up rivet heads, replacing a brace, beam, pin, or a major structural section; our skilled crews can handle it.
Drilling Holes to Install BeamFOUNDATION REPAIRS
Filling small hairline cracks, sealing foundations to prevent water absorption, or major repairs to concrete anchor and tower foundations.