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5306 Middle Fiskville Rd.

Austin, Tx., 78751

Phone: 512-933-9000

Fax:  512-458-9014

Call Toll Free in the USA

800 222 5695



An inspection program by experienced pipeline bridge inspectors is the prime factor in controlling maintenance costs.

Benefits Include:

  • Third Party Verification of your crossings condition. (You know how important this may be in the future!)

  • Detection of problems at an early stage when they can be resolved more economically and on a predetermined schedule.

  • Coating systems can be monitored and recoating work scheduled only when it's required.

  • All cable supported crossing should be inspected every three years with crossings near a coastline or in a very heavy industrial area inspected every year.

  • From a small 200 ft. creek crossing to a 3,600 ft. river crossing every crossing is equally important to your pipeline system's integrity.  Let us track their condition for you.

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Main Cable Showing Rust
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Pitting Found At Inspection
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Excess Rust Pack in Fitting
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Checking Tension on a 2600 ft. Wind Cable