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5306 Middle Fiskville Rd.

Austin, Tx., 78751

Phone: 512-933-9000

Fax:  512-458-9014

Call Toll Free in the USA

800 222 5695


Corporate Profile

Sefbo is your suspension and truss bridge specialist with over 20 years experience in inspecting, maintaining, engineering and constructing bridges all over the United States. We have the unique ability of providing a suspension bridge of any length possible, anywhere in the world, with a variety of design and fabrication possibilities, at a reasonable price.

Our business is complex, but our philosophy is simple:

Provide quality workmanship at the best price.

Our goal is to provide crossings that would otherwise be impossible, maintain the life of existing bridges and provide an alternative to expensive prefabricated bridges or expensive boring techniques that can fail.

Personnel Profile

Founder                            D.G."Bo" Bolerjack

Bo worked in heavy steel fabrication and the pipeline bridge business for over 30 years. Bo’s hands on experience in repairing, maintaining and design solutions makes him one of the few experts in this field. You’ll soon learn why we say, "Bo knows bridges!"


Project Management

Thomas Penalber

Tom has over 25 years of heavy construction experience with extensive knowledge of Petro-Chemical construction and maintenance.  He approaches each project with the highest standard for safety and innovative concepts for cost control.

"Ed Hsu"

Chi-Hsiung "Ed" Hsu has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas in Arlington, Texas.  He has over twenty years of experience and extensive knowledge of Dynamic Systems, Controls and Structural design/analysis. 

Vice-President Engineering   Chi-Kao Hsu

Chi-Kao Hsu has a Master's degree and Ph.D. in structural engineering from the University of Texas in  Austin, as well as a B.S.  from National Taiwan University. Chi-Kao (Pronounced Chee-Cow) has developed a finite element analysis package which performs complex structural analysis and a variety of design functions. He has also had extensive experience in designing and contracting various projects including  pipeline crossings.