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5306 Middle Fiskville Rd.

Austin, Tx., 78751

Phone: 512-933-9000

Fax:  512-458-9014

Call Toll Free in the USA

800 222 5695




  • Need a new bridge?

We can build any size bridge anywhere in the world.  We furnish all materials except the pipeline and install your new crossing, including pulling your pipeline onto the crossing and securing it for your welders to make the tie in.

  • Bank too close to tower?

We can install a new tower well back from the bank and solve this problem at a very reasonable cost.

  • Main cables rusty and/or going into the ground.

SEFBO can install new anchors and main cables to secure your crossing against failure.

  • Need a short crossing? (Up to 240')

We can furnish a truss type crossing with or without a walkway to support your pipeline safely on polyurethane rollers.

  • New construction options:

If cost is an issue ask about our long term lease option? 

SEFBO can furnish the materials and on site pipeline bridge experts to assist your crew in the proper completion of the work.

First Tower Being Set In Place
Second Tower Being Set In
Installing New Oscillation Dampner System
Installing New Oscillation Dampener System
New Crossing Complete - 
        Old Crossing Removed
New Crossing Complete -
Old Crossing Removed
New Anchors, Cables, and Pipe Supports
New Anchors, Cables, and Pipe Supports